Well there it is, Boris Johhnson crushes all in his path as the country votes overwhelmingly either for Johnson, or against Corbyn, you decide.  Whichever, the result is Brexit is back on and we’re leaving on 31st January 2020.

In reality nothing will change until December 31st 2020 but mid-year a decision must be made whether we ask for an extension.  This is important as never in history has an FTA be done in such a short space of time.  Usually it takes many years of negotiations.  It’s possible we might get a ‘quickie’ bare bones FTA but this suits no-one really. And then there’s the USA pounding for a slice of UK PLC, I mean a good deal, and that could have implications for how our negotiations with the EU proceed.

If no extension application is made and FTA talks fail to bring a satisfactory outcome we could be looking at a no-deal Brexit again.  However this is becoming unlikely due to GATT art.XXIV which allows for tariff free trade whilst talks conclude.  That’s providing there’s no more sticking points that are beyond solving.

Same Lowe, senior research fellow at the Centre for European Reform wrote this great article in November which we publish again here to refresh our memories on one way an FTA may look.

Sam Lowe

In the background is the SNP, winning a landslide that further empowers their call for a referendum.  It’s quite possible this could result in the break up of the UK.  And then NI > GB.  This is an uncomfortable challenge that has been the subject of perceived untruths about paperwork.  This will now come sharply into focus and we will see exactly whether there is a plan that trade experts have not thought about.

So as we digest the fallout we here are focused once again on Brexit.  Installing new IT hardware, systems & software together with increasing customs training to take care of customs formalities.  Yes, customs formalities, a requirement of a Free Trade Agreement.  We hope to see some creative simplifications to traditional methods over the following year and we’ll be keeping you updated on how things look.

But one thing is certain, we’re leaving the EU and we want to say to all our European friends and partners we’ve worked with over the many many years, we hope we can remain friends because for all the division a border can create, it’s important we act like it’s not there.  We love Europe and everyone in it and for us as one of the only European logistics specialists in the UK, us and our EU friends are still one family.  No division, no Brexit, no border – no difference.


The Jordon Team