OS-19-13 Highways England Update on the Orwell Bridge Presentation

For Felixstowe, the biggest port in the country, the Orwell Bridge has over the last few years been a major cause of headache for hauliers traveling over the bridge from Felixstowe to the rest of the country. The reason is that for new health and safety reasons, high winds result in the closure of the bridge thus routing ALL traffic through Ipswich central.

Needless to say this affects commuters, hauliers, Ipswich residents and businesses each time – many of our staff are affected too. As the closures have become more frequent with no real understanding of why, and the Northern bypass not currently a go, finally Highways England have got involved.

The enclosed document will be presented to Ipswich Borough Council on 30th January 2020. As you can see many options are on the table but does indicate that lorry stacking is not easy to implement as say, in Dover, when crossing issues occur.

We will see how this develops and keep youm posted


The Jordon Team