Dear all,
Due to the CORONAVIRUS / COVID-19 outbreak we have built contingency measures into our business in the case we, you or our carriers have to self-isolate.
Please find the following information which we hope will align with your own strategies to deal with this unprecedented situation.
Note though that the situation is fluid and evolving so please check with us for anything specific you need to know that isn't presented here.  We are constantly reviewing the measures that can or should be taken and will update our website and social media feeds (see footer) as events develop.
WHEN: If there is one member of staff that contracts COVID-19 the staff will go into self-isolation and business will be conducted from home bases.
HOW: We will be utilising Microsoft Teams to communicate between ourselves and clients/partners who choose to come onboard.
All staff have mobile phones and laptops to continue business operations, linked to main server, softwares and phone system.
An online MINDMAP using mindmeister tool has been created for all staff to see how the plan looks and to keep up to date on developments.

1. Obtain your account managers mobile number and direct dial
2. Discuss with your account manager whether you wish to incorporate
Microsoft Teams with us (or any other solution you are using) so we can trial
3. Advise us of your plans in advance and any external contact details (we will record this information safely and delete when the situation is concluded)
WHEN (1): If any particular country or area is sizeably affected (such as Italy).
WHAT: Planning will be disrupted meaning trailers may not be able to deliver or exit countries or areas.  This will have a knock on affect in the transit chain and regular movements will be affected.
WHEN (2): If ferries/borders are closed.
WHAT: This would be a startling development but we have already seen some border closures.  For the UK it would be difficult to seperate the people and freight so if there is a potential UK lockdown that could include shipments.
WHEN (3): If a sizeable amount of UK companies close
WHAT: Trailers will not be able to deliver or get out and this will impact the chance of carriers coming to the UK or if they do, are unable to complete the round-trip.  The result will be a grid-lock of movement.
At this stage trailer routes are open (apart from Italy).  Some companies are bringing their orders forward urgently, some companies are delaying their orders.
There is no correct answer though, this is unique to your business.  However, if you tell us what you want us to do, we will endeavour to make it happen.
As things progress we can expect prices to increase substantially due to usual routes not being able to complete and resources become limited.  Please factor this is when assessing your forward requirements.  As we don't know how long this will continue we are unable to offer advice regarding resumption of normal service until we know.

Upon request driver-accompanied drivers will complete a Jordon roaming questionnaire to identify trips made during the last 14 days.  This will be submitted onwards where required to identify any areas of concern.
May we please ensure drivers still have facilities on site.  Even if temporary measures it is important that the drivers welfare is catered for in a responsible manner.  Any issues or concerns please call us
This bulletin will be updated as the situation develops.  We hope these policies prove helpful and that it's clear we have a strategy in place for the worst case scenario.  As mentioned, if you have any questions or things you wish us to set up, NOW is the time to ask as we can do this.
We look forward to assisting you in this unprecedented time.
The Jordon Team

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