As the Prime Minister of the UK has declared a near full lockdown all staff will, from tomorrow 25th March 2020, be working remotely from their homes with laptops.  Only key operational workers and skeleton accounts staff will be available during this time but we feel that we should be able to cover all essential planning and business requirements.

With Europe also battling the Coronovairus we are experiencing delays at borders and other issues which are starting to compromise services.  However our operational team are still active planning collections and deliveries where necessary and Europe is creating green lanes for moving goods.  We’re still responding to enquiries for logistics services throughout Europe and as we continue to plan we will do our best to inform and update on the fluid and fast moving situation concerning transported goods.

Note that any new charters may be subject to unavoidable delays for any bookings and this will be discussed at the time so we can ascertain the best options.

Our remote working includes Dial-in to work PC’s, Mobile Phones, Microsoft Teams, WhatsApp & Email.

We have simplified contact details so please note the following contact details.  Please allow for extra delay in connecting.


07951 327058

07534 404230

07985 411785

Imports email (road, sea):

Import Direct Dials:

01394 288067

01394 288042

Exports email (road, sea):

Export Direct Dials:

01394 288066

01394 288042

Main line:

+0044 (0)1394 286644  >  Divert on so please allow for a slight delay

Other enquiries:

We would like to take this opportunity to thank our staff, customers and suppliers in a concerted effort to keep business running in this time of uncertainty.

Please stay at home where possible as it’s the safest place you can be

We look forward to resuming normal services in the near future


Jon & Roddy