The much touted but non-existant Goods Vehicle Movement System (GVMS), desigtned to co-ordinate the many thousands of trucks a day entering and exiting the UK, will not be ready for 01.01.21.  This of course is not news to anyone in the logistcis sector.  It brings numerous issues to an industry already struggling on the back of COVID, like most sectors.

Released Friday were the framework plans for the GVMS system, which you can find here for GB – EU import & export and NI.

200731 GVMS GB Customer Journeys v0 17

200810 GVMS NI Customer Journeys v0 19

However, these are plans only, and with 3 months to go recent reports are that the system will not be ready until mid 2021 at the earliest.  There are rumours there may be beta format version ready but as anyone who knows about IT, beta is code for something that doesn’t quite work right.  Possibly for a long time.  So what will happen?

As we slide towards the crunch date one can only hope a creative solution between GB & EU can be found, maybe an extension (ruled out) or a temporary agreement.

We’ll bring news at we find it.