If you need a blistering fast, friendly and efficient customs service for your EU goods, look no further.

On January 1st 2021 we launched our EU/UK Customs Service, working in tandem and also independently of our long established European Road Freight division.

The team is led by Steve Townley, who has managed customs teams for 25 years, the aim was simple and true to Jordons ethos – to give customers the best

customs service, advice and solutions.  New servers and hardware helping us link effortlessly to HMRC all kept in-house means communication between transport

and customs become invisible, making it simpler for you to experience a trouble free end-to-end service.

There is no denying, there’s a lot more to consider and do.  But as we work to automate further as time goes on, and work in partnership with all parties in this

new customs heavy supply chain, we envisage full intregration through software in the coming years.

Our services we currently provide include the following:

UK Customs Clearance (All UK ports)

Customs Consultancy

T1 Transit Hub (Guarantees Available)

EU Customs Agent Network

French ICS Link

Deferment Facility

We will be introducing new features during 2021 to make document submission simpler as well as continually reviewing and improving existing procedures.

Of course if you want us to manage your EU transport as well you only ever need to make contact once, we do all the rest.

If you have any concerns or questions just drop us an email at steve.townley@jordonfreight.com or call us here 01394 286644

We really look forward to hearing from you

The Jordon (Customs) Team