This week sees the Horticultural world head to the much anticipated Hort-Science 2021 event.  An online exhibition and resource for horticultural growers across the country offering guidance and advice to businesses involved in Horticulture.  Hosted by global fertilizer company ICL Speciality Fertilizers, we were asked to produce a presentation explaining forthcoming customs rules and regulations for 2022, for plants and plant-based products.

Jordon Head of Customs Steve Townley has extensive experience in customs regulations for plants, working with such departments as Defra, The Forestry Commission and Port Health, and has put together this 20 minute video to explain the basics of what’s coming.  For more extensive information beyond this video please do not hesitae to contact him here or email him

You can find our video above or head over to Hort-Science and sign up for a variety of videos advising on different aspects of the Horticulture business.