In 2020 Jordon started trials of their new internal customs platform. This year with the
introduction of customs formalities at UK borders, the system came live and is now
successfully clearing hundreds of goods every day. With its easy-to-use interface and secure
online working really suiting the Covid-inflicted flexible work-from-home scenario, we’ve
now confirmed our intent to invest fully in the system’ and roll it out across the business.

Head of Customs, Steve Townley says: “We have complete visibility of all clients’ Customs
status, enabling us to keep our customers’ goods moving swiftly through borders. Any
delays are instantly highlighted, along with key milestones being achieved, and dealt with
instantly by my Customs team.”

The Customs team has been formed through existing staff who know Jordon’s well
and the recruitment of experienced customs experts who are able to bring their extensive
Customs knowledge to bear.

Steve adds: “The decision to create a team with complementary backgrounds brings a host
of benefits including the ability to communicate often difficult Customs’ technicalities and
language more clearly.”

Jordon director Roddy Forster adds: “As a European transport specialist, it’s always been
imperative that our Customs service are in-house. Due to the imminent arrival of full import
controls from January 1st, 2022, I would say it’s now essential for any operation. The
communication speed between teams in the office gives us an edge in delivering first-class
results for our clients. Always looking for ways to improve our service levels, this has
without a doubt been one of the success stories.”

Also, the Customs teams’ transit document service is a product heavily in demand. Since
January 2021, Jordon has made over 1,100 successful transit shipments for goods that
require it. The company’s comprehensive transit facility offers with client or without client
guaranteed options for an all-in-one fee. Trucks are tracked from transit collection to
discharge to ensure that we can quickly contact the driver if he forgets to discharge.

This product is available as standalone or as an add-on with Jordon’s trailer service.

This article is part of the Winter 2021 e-newsletter