We are very excited to announce the launch of our brand-new rail freight service from

Multimodal manager Roberto Bugatti has expert knowledge of Italy, and the Mediterranean
region is heading up the new service.

Roberto explains, “With alternative options to road being sought and the substantial
investment in rail across the region, as well as its continued stability, taking the train is
proving increasingly attractive to those currently using historic modes of transport.

“With the well documented environmental benefits of rail over road – lower carbon
emissions and less local air pollution – sustainable transportation must be a priority of
everybody, and this new service ticks a lot of environmental boxes.”

The current shortage of HGV drivers here in the UK also increases the attractiveness of
Jordon’s new rail freight service. Roberto continues: “As road lead times increase drastically,
businesses are having to rethink their supply chain strategies to accommodate today’s
challenging landscape. When faced with increased market costs, rail emerges as an effective
alternative, both in reducing cost and increasing consistency and reliability.”

With freight trains achieving over 95% reliability in on-time performance, this mode of
transport is also highly responsive to changing demands and offers flexibility at short notice.
“And,” says Roberto, “as costs reduce for customers due rail freight companies’ ongoing
investment, they’re also able to increase the payloads they carry, with tonnage per train up
by 80% in the last decade.”

Impressively each freight train removes up to 76 lorries from the road, resulting in 1.6 billion
fewer HGV kilometres every year.

Jordon operaties daily departures from Italy and en-route throughout Europe into the UK
and return. Transit times within the EU are 3-4 days, whilst routes to the UK are 7-9 days.
Another major route is Turkey, with a transit time of 10-12 days.

With arrivals at UK ports including Purfleet, Tilbury, Thamesport, Immingham, Killingholme,
Teesport & Grangemouth, Jordon offers 45’ containers with a GVW max of 26.5 tons and 85
cbm3 volume as standard.

Roberto continues: “However, one option that is proving very popular is the 30’ container.
This size proves cost-efficient for many products due to its high GVW of 28 tons. And with a
volume capacity of 54 cbm, it provides excellent returns for dry bulk, bulk liquid and gases

Having launched the new rail freight service in September 2021 Jordon is currently
operating close to maximum levels but is keen to explain more about the service to those
interested in options for 2022.

To find out more, email roberto.bugatti@jordonfreight.comm or call Roberto on 01394

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