With the subsequent phases of change in Border regulations taking effect from 1st January
2022, we are preparing a series of videos and information sheets to assist in those
regulatory areas that may prove difficult or require additional information.

Steve Townley, Jordon’s head of Customs, explains: “We have recently completed a Customs
video for horticulture experts ICL (check out Hort-Science.com) detailing forthcoming
changes in 2022. We plan to roll out Customs procedure videos to our customers to help
their understanding of best practices, some ‘how-to’s and what lays ahead with the
significant changes for importers and exporters during 2022. These videos will be based on
the most frequently asked questions we receive here at Jordon.

“Customers will receive a bulletin when the videos are released, and they’ll be able to
access them on our YouTube channel Jordon TV from December. JordonTV is our platform
for our videos and a curated range of other helpful videos concerning Customs and post Brexit requirements.”

Also look out for important mailshot guidance during January 2022 as the changes take hold.

This article is part of the Winter 2021 e-newsletter