CDS is edging closer and you may have seen our recent CDS bulletin showing the key dates we should be aware of. Those being:

30th September 2022 – Import declarations close for CHIEF
31st March 2023 – Export declarations close for CHIEF

In the past 24 hours HMRC have released a revised version of their townhall events and the questions that followed from the webinars.

You can find it here

Thisn document is a super starting point and we recommend all businesses to start to become familiar with the changes. We will start to push relevant information faster through the website and also with further bulletins making sure you are fully informed of the forthcoming changes.

It’s important to understand this whole process needs all parties taking action of various aspects. If you don’t know what part you need to action please do call us. This is a huge undertaking for all, however with regular communication we expect the move to CDS to be a relatively smooth process for businesses who are proactively working now on the changes.

As usual if you have any questions please contact myself or the customs team here and we’ll be sure to help out

Thanks for your attention


Steve Townley
Head of Customs