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CDS News Update – CHIEF Extension Period Implemented

Hello all,

A quick CDS update where below is the latest bulletin to our clients which shows some pertinent information about the readiness of CDS. We have been in the industry meetings many times and its too late now to say how it will go. Thankfully there is a temporary failsafe which we believe is vital as the kinks are yet to be ironed out and we will certainly adopt should the need arise.

Any questions regarding CDS please do give us a call or email me

Yours sincerely

Steve Townley
Head of Customs


Dear Customer,

As you may be aware from our previous notifications the Customs Handling of Import and Export Freight (CHIEF) system is due to be replaced for import declarations this Friday 30th September.

The original message from HM Revenue & Customs was that all declarations from the 1st October must be made through CHIEF’s replacement CDS.

However due to problems with some aspects of CDS, HMRC has advised that an additional transition period is available to companies making Customs declarations

As HMRC and software developers work to iron out these bugs Jordon Freight will continue to make declarations with CDS but also CHIEF where required. When we are satisfied all components of CDS are working to our expected standard full migration will be completed.

Having this safeguard will ensure a smooth transition for customers and importantly ensure the movement of your goods is not jeopardised during the transition.

Please note that C88 & E2 documents we currently provide are generated by CHIEF. For declarations made on CDS a single ENS document (Entry Summary declaration) will be issued instead.

The entry number which is typically made up of the EPU (eg 120, 071…) entry number and date will now be a single MRN number for example 22GB ABCD ZYXZ NITB S0.

If you have any questions about CDS please do not hesitate to contact myself as we have been working with CDS for some time and are well versed in its methods and current capabilities.

Yours sincerely

Steve Townley

Head of Customs

Author: Jon