Welcome all those interested in CDS, you must be crazy but glad you’re here! So HMRC have released their latest October update v2.1 which addresses a lot of questions people have been asking, shown either as a new itme or an updated item. And there’s quite alot of updates so if you’re feeling brave and/or it’s necessary give it a read.

CDS FAQ v2.1

Our careful migration to CDS is going very smoothly and is guaranteeing there are no delays for our customs clients or for our trailer services.

Interestingly the latest loadstar article suggests there are many traders experiencing serious issues that are preventing them from adopting CDS.

UK traders return to CHIEF after glitches in new customs platform

In our own experience the issues highlighted ring somewhat true where the CSPs interface to HMRC is not 100%. That is why we are using this staged approach and are increasing controlled CDS capacity each day. With strict failsafe guidelines in place it ensures no time is lost if CDS decides not to play ball.

As HMRC and CSPs continue to iron out these issues we simply carry on working towards full CDS uptake to when we feel 100% confident in its consistency.

Any questions regarding CDS as usual do contact Steve Townley, Head of Customs, here on 01394 286644 or email him directly steve.townley@jordonfreight.com

Happy to be of assistance


The Jordon Team