Hi, I’d like to say a warm hello to everyone that knows us here at Jordon and to all those that are just discovering us on this Friday afternoon.

I’ve been meaning to write this since way before we launched our new website but of course things always seem to get in the way and become super busy at the same time. I didn’t want to keep the design agency any longer (perfectionism is a curse I’m sure), and so we launched – and here I am now catching up so please accept my apologies for the delay in explaining where we are at.

Our brand refresh marks a key stage in our future-plans as we seek to consolidate new services into our long-standing ones. In essence, our strong European backbone is broadening onto a worldwide stage to create the legacy of a full service freight forwarder known for a high quality service. That is where we are heading and what we will become.

This changes things significantly for our clients who are now able to experience a level of communication, service and support in their global operations that may be currently missing. Our European service is well known for being reliable, simple and full of essential communication. Our customers trust us to be there for them, above all else.

In a world of automation there are times when we need to extract the human from the process, but all too often this is not possible either because the system is automated or people are just unwilling.  We feel knowing you can, at any time, speak to us and that we communicate vital information on your terms, can be the difference for you and your own customers happiness – and business – and that’s what matters.

We spent a lot of time identifying what businesses really want, and what they don’t, often with a few surprises.  Over the coming years we will continue to learn, adapt and refine from customer feedback as we develop and synergise our European and Global services.

It was important for Roddy and myself that in order to synergise service levels we needed the right people that were tuned in to what we want to achieve. The same sense of purpose. As many have experienced getting good staff has not been easy over the last few years as businesses suffered with post-covid and Brexit hangovers – move someone here and make a gap there. Eventually this has been resolved and we sought and brought in the best, first to solidify our customs service, and now to operate global sea and air.

We identified communication as a key area of bother for many businesses, and it dismayed us that this lack of what we believe should be a standard part of business was prevalent in the industry. Equally though we saw it as an opportunity. We simply do not accept bad service and would take it very personally if ever a client experienced that under our watch. Partnering with a global network renowned for high standards as well as having established partners worldwide, we are building a resilient system for reliable and communication-led global trade for our customers.

The website and refreshed bright logo colours gives us a chance now to put a stake in the ground and say “we will positively impact your business wherever you trade”.  This is our mission. We are confident in what we do as we also understand to say no if we really can’t do something well. From this point on our European and Global services will work together with a first class customs solution and it feels great to be able to confidently offer this to our customers and new businesses alike.

We have a fantastic team around us full of knowledge, energy and just eager to please, such is the culture to do your best. I sincerely look forward to seeing the successful and dynamic years we’ve had continue as a full service freight forwarder with staff that I know really do make a difference to businesses.

If you’re a customer or supplier then I’d like to thank you for getting this far in this late Friday afternoon ramble and of course for the business we do together, we are always very grateful. If you’re a prospective client then I hope you see that it’s pure passion for high standards that drives our business ansd hopefully yours.

We hope to speak to you soon


Jon Swallow

Chief Executive