Jordon recently teamed up with Spearhead Records head and famous drum and bass DJ and producer BCEE to bring some Australian musical delight to a local school here in Suffolk

There is more to the unlikely alliance than seems though, as Jordon MD Roddy Forster just so happens to live in the same village as the DJ star. Roddy was asked by BCEE if we could sponsor bringing one of his musician friends over from Australia to deliver a very unique musical workshop to the local school, Harleston Sancroft Academy.

The Australian artist is Mal Webb and he is a famed vocal adventurer, multi-instrumentalist and looping beatbox songwriter.  Mal, together with his co-performer Kylie took the whole year 7 group of Harleston Sancroft Academy for a day to remember in a number of crazy musical workshops.


The event was deemed a roaring success by the school and we’d like to thank all the year 7 for being so welcoming, and of course Mal and BCEE for coming up with such a great idea for us to support.

Mal also made this superb FREIGHT themed song especially for us here at Jordon.  We think it’s amazing – have a listen for some insight into his unique musical talents.


Check out Mal here.

Check out BCEE here.