In a connected world, strong international partnerships are crucial to the success of any freight forwarding business. Our commitment to global collaboration was excellently demonstrated this year, as our Sea Freight team, represented by Steve and Luisa, flew to the vibrant city of Shanghai for the 14th JCTrans Global Freight Forwarders Conference.

Steve and Luisa’s flight took a total of 14 hours, and upon landing, they shrugged off the journey, unpacked and prepared for the intensive week ahead.


pics: The conference centre (l) and Shanghai skyline (r)

The Day

The week-long conference brought together over 2300 representatives from over 100 countries, and provided a platform for everyone to share ideas, experiences, and insights. Steve and Luisa were able to discuss routes, modes, laws, regulations, all uncovering best practices that shape the landscape of international freight forwarding.

pic: The conference arena

At the event they met up with existing contacts and also engaged with new forwarders from emerging markets we are working in. Everyone was bringing a wealth of local knowledge and expertise of their respective countries together. These relationships empower us to better serve our customers with a truly global perspective.

pic: Luisa deep in conversation

Steve and Luisa’s days were very long, filled with intensive discussions, covering a spectrum of topics of the industry. Undoubtedly the sea freight landscape is evolving at speed, which means staying informed is not just an advantage but a necessity. The JCTrans Global Forwarders Conference has proven to be an invaluable resource, offering a comprehensive overview of the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead.

pic: Steve writing up notes after a long day

The evening

Whilst the days were dedicated to knowledge exchange, the evenings were spent writing up notes – but more importantly, looking for places to eat. This is not as easy as it sounds in a very foreign land. The hotel was in a remote location and even getting a taxi somewhere was not a simple affair. At one point they were turfed out into an unknown region of the city to fend for themselves. Undeterred, they used their best language skills to navigate the unfamiliar terrain. We’ll leave you to discuss with them the culinary delights they experienced…

pic: Luisa visiting the Shangai art museum (unfortunately closed that day…)


As the team returned to the UK this week, the debrief reinforced the importance of our JCTrans international network. Steve & Luisa’s efforts brought back a host of new benefits. This underscores their skill in translating in-depth discussions into actionable strategies for our clients.

The relationships strengthened in Shanghai will continue to serve as a pillar of support for our clients, allowing us to provide the best local expertise worldwide.


Stay tuned as we integrate new learnings into our sea freight operations.

The journey to excellence knows no borders, and we are excited to lead the way.

For enquiries contact Steve or Luisa on 01394 286644. Or head over to our Sea Freight page here to see what we can do for you