On December 1st 2023 the German-LKW Maut tolling scheme is set to change. This will bring price increases for hauliers using vehicles within Germany or transiting through German roads.

What is the Maut?

The German Maut is a tolling scheme which was introduced in 2005 to finance and maintain Germany’s extensive road infrastructure. In particular the busy Autobahns. The toll is based on the distance driven, the category of the vehicle and the number of axles. Germany being such a central part of Europe is a main transiting country, and as much as 35% of truck miles travelled on Autobahns are generated by foreign lorries.

The evolution of the Maut

The German Maut has evolved over time from its original purpose of maintaining the road infrastructure. Now the maut is also seen as a convenient method to reduce environmental impact and support sustainable transport practices.

The Maut system can produce varying toll rates based on factors like emissions. For example, lower emission vehicles may receive preferential pricing. The calculation of emissions is becoming a key focus for companies within the supply chain.

Note – If you wish to have emissions data for your businesses routes please do not hesitate to ask your account manager.

What are the changes?

There are two dates to be aware of.

1st December 2023 brings in an increased Co2 emissions component for HGVs.

Example: for a 40-ton Euro 6 truck, this would mean an additional toll of 0.158 cents per kilometer on top of the existing rate of 0.19 cents per kilometer. From 1 December 2023, the new toll cost per kilometer will be 0.348 cents. A substantial increase.

1st July 2024 the German Maut scheme will expand to include vehicles with a total weight of 3.5 tons upwards.

There are also toll increases planned in other European countries such as Belgium, Hungary, Austria and Denmark. We will keep you advised as we know more.

How will this impact my business?

We expect to see haulage price rises for businesses moving goods across or within Germany. You can find detailed information of tolls at Toll Collect which oversees the toll collection on behalf of the German government.

Planned toll rates from 01.12.23 to 30.06.24 cost in Euro cents per kilometre
Category 2 Emission Class7.5t to <12t12t to 18t18t with up to 3 axles18t with 4 axles18t with 5 or more axles
Euro 60.0980.1780.140.240.1810.3050.190.3240.190.348
Euro 5 / EEV0.1260.2060.1770.2770.2210.3550.2290.3630.2290.389


At Jordon we approach every lane, leg and route of our customers business individually. This ensures a limited impact. However this is a sizeable jump in the Maut which is unavoidable for carriers working in or across German roads.

As such your account manager will speak with you if these changes affect your trade lanes and discuss the options available.

We’d like to thank you in advance for your understanding in this matter and as normal, we will always find the very best solution for you and your business.