Being a part of a supply chain with authorised economic operators (AEO) means that your business is a link in a safe & secure supply chain, one that you can count on to deliver no matter what the circumstances. That’s why for many businesses, partnering with AEO accredited forwarders is becoming more of a requirement than just a business preference.



The concept of an AEO accredited freight forwarder began back in 2008, when the EU established the scheme. The main goals were to increase security throughout the international supply chain and make legitimate trade easier within member nations. What the accreditation means in practice is that the freight forwarder works in compliance with standards agreed by the World Customs Organization.

Any organisation that wants to be an AEO accredited forwarder must meet a wide range of criteria and comply with customs legislation and tax rules. But what does it mean in practice for those businesses who choose to partner with an AEO freight organisation? Below you can find some of the real-world benefits of working with an AEO accredited shipper.

Faster Customs Clearance

AEO status is granted to businesses that meet strict criteria and demonstrate a high level of compliance with customs regulations and security standards. This means you can be sure that your freight forwarder will be able to transport goods to their destinations, even when crossing borders or entering new trade areas.

Reduced Inspection & Controls

Customs authorities are more likely to trust AEO-certified operators, resulting in fewer physical inspections and controls. This can lead to cost savings and faster movement of goods across borders. As you know, hold ups or unexpected delays can be very disruptive, especially when shipping time sensitive goods.

Enhanced Security Measures

AEO certification requires a commitment to implementing robust security measures throughout the supply chain. AEO freight forwarders are dedicated to ensuring the security of the cargo they handle. That means you can be sure that whatever you’re shipping will arrive safely and securely at its destination.

Reliable & Trustworthy Partners

AEO certification is a mark of reliability and trustworthiness. Choosing an AEO freight forwarder provides assurance that your cargo will be handled by a reputable and responsible logistics partner. This gives both you and your customers peace of mind that goods are kept in the best possible condition during transit and will arrive on time and without further issues.

Access To Customs Simplifications

AEO status often grants businesses access to customs simplifications and facilitations. This can include benefits such as self-assessment, centralised customs clearance and other measures. This can speed up border crossings and make international transit much faster.

International Recognition

AEO status is recognised internationally, providing benefits not only in the country of certification but also in dealings with customs authorities in other countries. This is of special interest to UK businesses looking for global freight solutions to and from the EU and beyond.

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